Laser therapy is a very efficient defence mechanism against pain and other damage to the tissue. It is extremely safe, painless and a fast way to get rid of physiological diseases, particularly arthritic pain and stiffness.

The term laser means Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation. It is a pure form of light energy of a specific colour wavelength. The specific character of the light (wavelength) determines the medical features of the laser, such as healing capability or anti-inflammatory properties.


We use lower energy level lasers which are mostly used to heal patients suffering from arthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament damage. In laser therapy monochromatic light emission from a low intensity laser diode or an array of high intensity super luminous diodes are used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, chronic and degenerative conditions such as arthritis

Action and Mechanism

The light source is placed in contact with the skin allowing the photon (light) energy to penetrate tissue, where it interacts with the function of cells, restoring normal cell function. It eliminates some of the action of bacteria and under appropriate conditions triggers the cells to heal, particularly the synovial membrane or lining of joints. This helps with the regulation of synovial fluid, the liquid lubricating your joints.This can make the joints free and easy to move. Inflammation fades away gradually

Short term effect

Production and release of body’s natural pain inhibitors, endorphins.

It can trigger the body’s natural healing processes e.g. reducing inflammation, repairing of tissues like muscles or the synovial membrane etc…

Long term effect

Improved cellular metabolism and function.

Increased protein (building blocks of tissue) production, thereby healing joints.

The transfer of electrical energy through nerves is improved allowing muscles and nerves to work more efficiently.

In damaged cells, Mitochondrial activity, the small plant like powerhouses of the cells, absorb the laser radiation and produce energy to nourish the cells of muscles, joints and nerves.

We use Laser therapy in most of our surgeries to promote healing and speed our patients recovery.


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