Clinical and Sports Massage should play an important role not just in any sportsperson’s life, but for anyone who regularly suffers from muscular tension.

Massage will:

Maintain the body in better condition
Prevent injuries, muscle imbalances and loss of mobility
Restore mobility to injured muscles tissue
Enhance performance
Extend the overall life of a person’s sporting career

Physical Effects are:

Increased tissue permeability ‑ Deep massage helps remove waste products such as lactic acid, encouraging muscles to take up oxygen and fresh nutrients to help them recover quicker.

Stretching ‑ Massage can help stretch bundles of muscle fibres, both lengthways and sideways, so releasing any tension or pressure build‑up. This is especially important to those with desk and computer based jobs where back, neck and shoulder problems are prevalent.

Break down scar tissue ‑ Scar tissue is the result of previous injuries and can affect muscles , tendons and ligaments. This can lead to inflexible tissues that are further prone to injury and pain.

Improves tissue elasticity ‑ Intensive training can make muscles hard and inelastic and therefore inefficient. Improvements are less likely and injuries almost inevitable. Massage helps reverse this process by increased circulation and stretching the tissues.

Opens micro‑circulation ‑ Massage increases blood flow to tissues dilating the blood vessels, enabling nutrients to pass through more easily. Conversely, a tight muscle deprives the tissues of vital nutrients and energy to repair.

Relaxation ‑ Massage causes muscles to relax through heat generation, increased circulation and stretching of tissues.

Sports Rehabilitation

Early and correct treatment of sports injuries is vital for the most effective recovery. Sports injuries are treated to ensure optimal recovery and return to sport as soon as possible. The sports person will be provided with a sport specific rehabilitation programme and given advice to prevent re‑injury.

Due to there knowledge of elite sport Osteopaths and physiotherapists always provide a full rehabilitation programme that is tailored to your requirements as part of a comprehensive aftercare programme.

At Martin Davies Osteopaths we have staff that work at the highest level in elite sport and have worked in a wide variety of sports which include:‑ Football Everton , Liverpool, Crewe Alex and Nantwich Town football clubs Rugby League Widnes and St Helens

Rugby Union
Golf, Registered PGA Golf health professional
Cycling and triathletes
Tennis Wimbledon Championships
Martial Arts inc Karate

Golf Swing Assessment and Analysis

Martin Davies is a registered PGA Golf health Professional working with many Professional and amateur golfers to improve their health. He is frequently invited to major championships across Europe to work with the top professionals.

Golf swing analysis is the first step in determining whether your injury is directly related to your swing technique. We will review your swing at the Osteopathic clinic. We will be able to see dysfunctional movement in real time, which will be explained to you in detail. We can then implement a treatment plan that will incorporate the principles of Osteopathic medicine, which will help you achieve your goals thereby enhancing your swing and handicap.

Ergonomic and Postural Advice

Ergonomic advice is invaluable at work and home to help prevent pain caused by repetitive movements, poor seating, desk position and computer alignment. You will also be advised on maintaining a good posture and shown how to do this to prevent aches and pains caused by poor posture during and after the working day.