Correct Seating Position and back and neck pain

A correct posture and being comfortable whilst seated is essential to keep a healthy back.

Poor Posture is one of the main causes of back pain and other associated problems with the spine, lower abdomen and bowel areas.

As many of us spend many hours sitting in the workplace or at home it is important to have the correct chair to sit in.

Having a decent chair and desk to work at can make all the difference. A well designed seat – either in the workplace, the home or in the car on long journeys – may help alleviate fatigue and also muscle soreness.

The correct seating position relies on many personal factors such as seat width, depth, angle and height; lumbar Support and armrest height relative to your work station or vehicle.

We all have different body frames so the right seat matched with the right person is a must.

For the best possible posture the person should be able to sit at roughly 110 degrees and, if they are using a computer, their screen should be raised so that it is almost at eye level, to prevent strain on the neck and also increase visibility for the operator. In addition to this it may be necessary for shorter individuals to have a proper footrest that will allow their legs to be raised slightly from the ground as opposed to their having to sit forward to have the feet on the floor.

Being able to raise the legs will keep the blood flowing and will reduce the chances of numbness and – in some instances – DVT (deep vein thrombosis) – a condition that is not just limited to long haul air travel.

Again, if you are in any doubt, your osteopath should be able to advise you and, if you do suffer from back or neck problems as a result of incorrect posture, a consultation with your Osteopath is important!


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